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2019-2020 Best Online TEFL Courses

It’s about that time again! 2020 is here and it’s time to reveal the best online TEFL courses. This list will take an in-depth view of some of the top online TEFL courses in the game. More…

#1 Online TEFL Course for 2019!

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50% Off Premier TEFL's Online Course

Premier TEFL is an industry leading TEFL company that has educated and placed many ESL teachers all over the world. Great staff, super-responsive to questions and one of the most affordable TEFL courses available at the moment.

Highly Rated & Accredited Online Course!

i-to-i 120-hour TEFL course Special!

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i-to-i - best online tefl courses

i-to-i is one the most well known TEFL brands in the world. They’ve been doing just as long as we can remember and are accepted globally for their certification course.

Do You Even TEFL bro?

TEFL Courses For Teaching English Abroad English language is one of the growing and most sort language in the world today. Technology has brought all …

5 best places to teach English

English is among the top three most spoken languages in the world either as the first or second language. Regardless of this data, a lot of countries …

TEFL Institute of Ireland's

Your ticket to Teaching ESL in Europe and rest of the world!

TEFL Institute of Ireland is one of thee most highly decorated and well respected TEFL institution in the ESL hemisphere. If you’ve ever wanted to find work in Europe then this course along with their job network will help you do just that.

TeflPros.com 120-Hour Online TEFL Course

Highly accredited and certified online TEFL course

Great online TEFL course for anyone who is looking to add true quality to their teaching skills. Learn from highly qualified TEFL trainers from a fully accredited course.

The TEFL Academy 168-Hour Course Review

This review of The TEFL Academy will take a deeper look at their 168-hour TEFL Course. The TEFL Academy Offers a 168-Hour Course, which is 48 hours more than required for most TEFL jobs. What are the …

LetsTEFL 120-Hour Course Review

For our next review of the Best online TEFL course, we have LetsTEFL’s 120-hour online course. Find out if LetsTEFL fits your needs and get our personal opinion on the pros and cons of choosing …

The English Fantasy By Todd Squitieri

The English Fantasy – For Your Mental Health, Do NOT Swim Upstream By Todd Squitieri –  ESLAuthority.com Most teachers go into EFL teaching as the disseminator of knowledge. They think they will…

Why Study TEFL?

Why Study TEFL? If you are among those who recently graduated with a bachelor degree and looking for an international career, teaching English abroad may be an excellent opportunity for you. Thanks to…

How to Learn American English Fast?

Do you want to teach English abroad but afraid you won’t be able to pass because you’re not a native speaker? Well, we give you the tried and true solution to improve your English language skills like…

Teaching Jobs Abroad

After graduating with a bachelor degree, you may want to consider pursuing teaching jobs abroad. Isn’t it fulfilling to pursue your passion while earning money? You can even have the most comprehensiv…

How Do Online TEFL Courses Work

So you have finally decided to teach English abroad and have the opportunity to travel the world, that’s great! One of the requirements to get qualified for the job would be taking Online TEFL Courses…

English Tutor Jobs

Looking for English Tutor Jobs? After obtaining a bachelor degree and passing the online TEFL course, the next big thing is looking for a job on job ad sites such as classifieds, newspapers, and adver…

Top TEFL Courses

The TEFL Course Academy

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MyTefl 120 Hour Online Course Review

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LetsTEFL 120 Hour Course

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TEFL Institute of Ireland

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Premier TEFL 120 Hour Course

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TeflPros 120-hour TEFL course

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i-to-i 120-hour TEFL course

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ITTT TEFL Course Review

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GetTEFL 120 Hour Course Review

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ICALTEFL 120-hour TEFL Course

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