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Choosing an online TEFL course can be a daunting task especially if you’re trying to match quality with price. Some thing to consider is try not to sacrifice quality for price. Remember that a TEFL certification is an investment in yourself and will be your ticket to paid ESL jobs all over the planet. This page serves as a guide to answer some of the questions many new travelers are wondering before embarking on their journey abroad.

Q. How necessary is a TEFL certification?

A. A TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certification is the cherry on top in making you a fully qualified candidate for paid ESL jobs abroad. It’s not written in stone that without a TEFL certification you can’t find work. Although the best jobs and working environments prefer to hire those with at least base qualifications. At the minimum you should have a 4-year university degree and a TEFL/TESOL or CELTA Certification.

Q. I Know one of the pros of doing my TEFL online is saving money, but what are some cons?

A. There are many benefits to doing an online TEFL online but there are some sacrifices you make by opting to choose an online course.

  • No real-life practice teaching opportunities – You’ll either have to go out on your own and volunteer or wait until your first days on the job to get an idea of what teaching is like. Don’t worry though it’s all about creating an effective routine and you’ll have that down in no time. The type of students you’ll be teaching will be super respectful and want you to enjoy being around them. Just remember you’re more than a teacher to these kids. You’re an un-visited world of culture and language that they look up to. SEE TEFL  is regarded as Thailand’s #1 On-Site TEFL Course.
  • No Set Schedule – It’s 100% up to you to make time to go over material, process it and pass your exams. Procrastination can be fatal to your dreams of moving abroad. It’s best you set aside at least a module/lesson a day and stick to that routine. Try not to cram as this can easily burn you out.

Q. How do I know the courses you recommend are legit?

A. We thoroughly research each TEFL courses credentials to make sure they’re well reputable. We are the solnews.network  and We take our job very seriously here. If we recommend courses to you that aren’t finding you work then we lose credibility. We don’t want that. We want you to tell your friends, uncle and grandmas about how good we are!

Q. What else do I need to guarantee myself an ESL  job?

A. You must have an accredited 4-year university degree, be a native English speaker and have a 120-hour TEFL certification. Though in times of desperation companies may sacrifice one of the 3. Don’t count on it though as this is only an exception for those already in the country they wish to seek work in.

Q. In what countries does a TEFL certification carry the most weight?

A. Countries in South East Asia are always looking for native English Speakers. Work-permits are easily secured, especially if you can meet all three of the criteria’s as spoken above.

Q. Will I get paid less than teachers who do an on-site TEFL course?

A. Not Necessarily and we expect you to take this explanation with a grain of salt. Jobs are on a come and go basis all the time. There are many factors that play into how much your salary will be when you first get hired. For example, in Thailand on average new teachers can expect to make at least $1,000 per month with medical insurance. This may not sound like a lot but this is 3-4 times the average salary. Also note that food & housing is also 3-4 times cheaper as well :).

In a country like Korea you can expect to make nearly twice of that. Free flights(reimbursed after probation), free room & board and insurance included. With more money comes more expectations though. Expect to earn every penny as the more you get paid the more they’ll feel you owe them.

Q. I’m more interested in traveling than taking teaching seriously, is this ok?

A. You and everyone else! Teaching ESL is not a life-sentence, though over-time some have decided that ESL is their calling in life. Teaching English is merely an opportunity for you to experience the world for what it is. Whatever happens after you get your foot in the door is up to you. Plenty of former ESL teachers have gone onto other careers in the countries they first taught in after a year or so. Make no mistake, you’re not a tourist when you take this job on. It’s still work but at the same time its a non-stop adventure.

Best part is no matter where you go you go or what you do after you finish teaching your TEFL certification is still valid. Use it anytime to land jobs ESL all over the world.

Q. What is the #1 online TEFL course you recommend?

A. At this point in time MyTefl.com has set that standard for online certification courses so we all agree the #1 online TEFL course title lies with them. They have helped Thousands of students get certified and land jobs abroad. They also offer paid-internships in 3 different continents and most importantly they have great support. We can confidently send you their way knowing you’ll be well taken care of.

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