i-to-i TEFL Course Review

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2 years ago

They left me stranded! I am supposedly in the process of a 1 year trip in China. From the start, i to i messed me around. They told me (all in writing, so I have proof) that my DBS would be valid for China. I then found out that it isn’t (and they won’t pay for another one). Granted, they do say that any visa fees are payable by the applicant, but I had in writing that I wouldn’t need to pay this. It doesn’t end there. I found out that there were lots of documents that need notarising. In… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Howard

Thanks for sharing. Some things are outside of our control, but we should always be properly vetting any TEFL course before joining as merit alone isn’t enough. For those looking for a complete course, we always suggest finding a course that you feel best fits your needs. However, we can’t fully rely on them to make sure everything ok. I welcome i-to-i to respond and offer a solution to this.