It’s almost 2017 and it’s about that time to pick the best online TEFL courses. Finding a good online course involves doing a bit of research on your part but we hope this top-5 list will help to make a choice easier.

Again, it’s important to do your own research but we’re confident this selection will push you in the right direction. Online TEFL’s make getting qualified a bit less hectic if you’re a busy person or struck for cash.

2016/2017 Best Online TEFL Courses

#1.Mytefl ($299)


Visit MyTefl

For some reason, MyTefl remains a somewhat well-hidden gem. In our opinion, they’re by far the most thorough and affordable 120-hour course available online at the moment. They also have on-going promotions of 30% off their courses.

This program is a great choice if you want to teach in China, Thailand or South Korea. MyTefl is fully accredited and their online TEFL certifications are recognized worldwide.

They have a well-established network that will help you find a job after completing their course too. For the price and the weight, their certification carries, on its own is enough to endorse MyTefl as the current #1 Online TEFL course for 2016/2017.

Their staff and personnel are an absolute pleasure to deal with. The instructors are well versed and present themselves as a resource of ESL knowledge.

Most importantly they want “You” to stop worrying about the 9 to 5 lifestyle and get out and see the world for what it is. When you put it like that you can’t help but align with their message.

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Mytefl is accredited by the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and their courses are recognized and approved by the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA).

#2. Premier TEFL ($249)

 Visit Premier TEFL

Coming in at #2 is Premier TEFL. Their 120-hour TEFL course is run by real English teaching professionals. Their internationally recognized certification focuses on fundamental skills that are essential to teaching English as a second language.

Accredited by the ACDL(Accreditation Council For Distance Learning) and the TQUK (Training Qualifications UK). Premier TEFL guarantees to offer expert assistance with finding jobs after completing their course.

If support is your main concern then you’ll be happy to know that all students can expect a personal tutor. Your tutor will help guide you through what you don’t understand and in all cases, is readily available.

Students are allowed up to 3 months to finish the course. This should be enough time, but if it’s not we’re sure they wouldn’t mind extending it if you ask nicely :).

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#3. i-to-i TEFL ($249 $174.50)

Visit i-to-i TEFL

For as well known as i-to-i TEFL is, we had a hard time giving them the 3rd place spot. Some may even argue they deserve a higher spot on this list.

If the content is your thing then i-to-i TEFL has no shortage of that. Their online TEFL courses offer extensive content from building rapport with kids all the way to lesson planning and review games.

Their courses are jam-packed with rich and robust content for you to sift through. When one thinks of teaching English abroad then i-to-i TEFL usually comes to mind.

Their online TEFL certificates are recognized worldwide as well. They also have a deep network that is strategically built to ensure you find work after graduating too.

#4. ICAL TEFL ($265)



ICAL TEFL gets our vote for #4 in the best of the best online TEFL courses for 2017. Did you know that ICAL TEFL was one of the very first schools to offer online TEFL courses way back in 1998?

Fast-forward 18 years and you have a well-constructed program that has been built on the foundation of  “No TEFLer left behind”.

One massive benefit to choosing ICAL TEFL is there is no deadline. If you’re working a time consuming 9 to 5 that leaves you mentally crippled after getting off, then no problem. Work at your pace.

Save the hard work for the weekend or whenever you have time. ICAL is one of the largest TEFL providers and proudly boast having over 20,000 happy graduates who’ve gone on to enjoy fulfilling ESL careers all over the globe.

Most Importantly, ICAL TEFL has a great team managed by professional tutors standing by locked and loaded with quality ESL teaching info.

#5. ($354)

TEFL Org UK Logo


Last but not least, we have This was actually the first online TEFL company that we had ever heard of. We know at +$300 they may seem a bit pricey but let’s divert our focus from quantity to quality.

Their accreditation by the BAC(British Accreditation Council) and ODLQC(Open & Distance Learning Quality Council) makes their online TEFL course internationally recognized. It’s also accurate to note that is one of the more well-known companies offering online-only TEFL courses.

They also give lifetime CV/resume support, lifetime access to their TEFL job database and you get your own personal tutor. The personal tutor will help offer the best advice throughout the course and provide support when needed.

Students can download the whole course book if they wish and dynamically pick and choose when they will learn.

Their staff is very attentive and when contacted you can expect an instant response.

Closing thoughts

It’s never easy choosing an online TEFL course because nowadays it seems like just about everyone and their grandma is offering one.

Starting out, your main concern should be the validity of the certification. Is it enough to present you as qualified to future employers? There is no point in taking a risk with an unknown company and jeopardizing your ESL career before it even starts.

How to Choose An Online TEFL Course:

  1. Price  Online TEFL courses add convenience to our otherwise, inconvenient schedule. Not only that they’re much more affordable compared to a $1,200 on-site TEFL course. Unfortunately, not too many of us have the luxury of investing +$1000 in ourselves. Though the thought is nice…
  2. Ease of Learning – The toughest part about taking an online course is that you’re essentially on your own. Yes, you have a dedicated instructor that will help you when you need it. Still, having clear, well-constructed content is essential to your sanity and willingness to complete the course.
  3. Globally Recognizable – If you want to get a work permit (A big reason why employers require you to get a TEFL) then it’s imperative that your TEFL course is globally recognized and accepted. Otherwise, you’d be better off saving your money and just reading material off the internet for free.


Hopefully, this selection has helped to make a decision easier. Enroll confidently with any of these courses and we know you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

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