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Teaching English in Thailand is a true adventure. There are a ton of reasons why you should consider Thailand as your ESL destination. One of the big reasons being it’s a super laid back environment. There is a reason why this beautiful country is termed with the nickname “The Land of Smiles”.

Being happy and sharing it is a fundamental part of Thai culture. Perhaps this is why the Thai people are always happy to help a foreigner out no matter how adverse the situation.

Thailand A Great First For ESL

If you’ve never been the Asia then you are in for a real culture shock. Those who arrive here to teach English are usually hit my a sensory explosion as at times it may seem like a million and one things are going on at once.

We’d like to warn you though, many teachers come here with the intention doing a short stint ( a year or so) but end of staying far longer than they expected. The lifestyle that this country offers is second to none and a major benefit is it’s not too financially demanding.

Here is a short list of what Thailand has to offer:

  • Great Food
  • Friendly People
  • Laid back Lifestyle
  • Purchasing Power

Find Job Placement

TEFL providers like MyTefl offer a rock-solid job placement service. Unlike most TEFL providers they don’t just send you a list of recent job openings. They will make it a priority to get you connected directly to employers advertising professional and competitive jobs at reputable schools.This is a simple way to bypass the job of finding a job.

The Best Part Is Meeting New People and The Experiences You’ll Have

The moments you’ll create with the friends you’ll make are measurable in terms of value. Thailand has just about something for everyone.

Nightlife is second to none as millions of tourist from all over the world are constantly visiting. The beaches are a sight for the eyes and the food on the beach is just as good.

Tour ancient kingdoms from the Siam era and take notice to how that unique combination of ancient and modern culture makes of what we call modern day Thailand today.

English is not of Thailand’s strong suites so there is always a fresh demand for native English speakers. With a bachelor’s degree and 120-hour TEFL certification finding work won’t be a problem.

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