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Are you interested in an awarding teaching experience and having an opportunity to learn more about a fascinating culture? Teaching English in China might be just what you are looking for. Many cities in the country are hubs for international trade and means there is a high demand for ESL teachers.

Peak Season for ESL Hiring In China

The easiest time of the year to find a job to teach English in China is between July and September, but teaching jobs can be found all year long. This means there is no waiting period to apply for jobs.

ESL Teaching Jobs In China

Every child in China will require at least nine years of schooling. This means anyone who is looking for a job teaching English in China needs to look at the private and public school system. One aspect about Chinese classrooms that is common is a classroom may have up to 45 students. However, teaching jobs are more likely found in private schools than public schools.

Private lessons are another option for people looking to teach English in China. One thing a prospective teacher needs to keep in mind is they need to live in the country for a short time first. Knowing customs and having first hand knowledge of the language can often lead to a higher paying job.


What Will Teachers Earn?

The monthly salary for people who are teaching ESL in China is between $620 and $2,640. If you are a private tutor, the hourly rate will likely between $30 to $40. Income tax rates are between 3 percent and 25 percent.

What Will Be Needed To Be An ESL Teacher?

In order to be an English teacher in China you need to have a work visa. This is will often be sponsored by an employer. TEFL certifications will also be needed for teachers.

How To Find ESL Teaching Jobs In China?

There are many options available to ESL teachers in China. Prospective teachers may want to use a job placement service to find the best opportunities. This will give them access to recruiters and established schools in the country. There are post-secondary, public, and private institutions that are looking to hire teachers with TEFL certifications.

Questions to Ask

Do you want to live in an urban environment or a rural environment?

Is there an age group that you prefer?

What will be acceptable working hours?

Does the ESL experience allow for time off and traveling?

Will there be an issue with included living expenses and salary?

Teachers who are ready to take the next step to teach English in China will need to begin searching for a teaching job. The best place to start is to look at job listing sites that can be found online.

Where To Begin A Teaching Career?

The best way for most people to begin a teaching career in China is to look for chain schools. These are smaller private schools with few specific qualifications. Many of these schools will happily hire people with TEFL certifications.

Things To Remember

– Footwear need to be removed whenever entering a person’s home.

– ESL teacher need to be open-minded and take the time to do some exploring when in China.

– Learning specific words and phrases will be beneficial and well worth the effort.

Traveling to China to live and work can be a lot for some people to handle. Luckily ESL teachers have a lot of resources they can find online. The most important thing to do is to research the food, language, and many other elements of Chinese culture. You might just be surprised at all the recreational activities that are available. The best part is if you graduate from Mytefl’s online course the Paid internship is free! You’ll only be asked to pay a fee to get a working visa which cost around $100- $160.

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TEFL Courses Starting at $139

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